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Little Dragons Program

LD flying kick
Mr. KC Tan's son Deon performing the
jumping front snap kick at the of age 4.

The School of Taekwon-Do Little Dragons program is a special program specifically designed by Dr. Scott Downey a Canadian Child Psychologist and Master Tan Kian Chew, Founder and President of the Singapore Taekwon-Do Institute.

The program is designed so that it is fun and consistent with the child's developmental level. The children do not get bored and they look forward to their next class.

The Little Dragons program helps children develop in the areas parents appreciate most :
→increased attention span
→enhanced co-ordination
→better respect and discipline

They also learn about the importance of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit and the philosophy of self-defense ( Talk if you will, walk away if you can, run if you must, but if all else fails, defend yourself ).
Components :
→improving physical fitness through fun warm up activities
→social interaction through games
→enhancing motor skills through taekwon-do patterns
→moral education
→korean terminology
→improving self discipline and powers of concentration through meditation

Click here for Class Locations and Training Schedules.

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